Month: March 2020

It’s a “ratz” race

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For most of us in the US this has just been week one of altering and limiting our lives in some ways. For some of us things have just gotten more dramatic with the “shelter in place” order. Unless God intervenes, we are facing at least a few more weeks of sacrificing our freedom of movement and the uncertain future as the aftermath.  This is a rather extraordinary challenge for several reasons. One, in the world […]

The best cure


If there is an urgent deficit out there today, it is not the toilet paper, coronavirus test kits or financial injections into the economy. The world is desperately deficient of peace. Peace of the soul, that is. Everybody wants a peace of mind. They demand a plan from politicians, answers from medical professionals… Peace of mind is hard to achieve because it in a codependent relationship with the world. The panic over the coronavirus is […]