The ancient ghost is haunting America

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Washington DC protesters prove my point

In the smoke of burning churches, monuments, and stores across America I see a lurking familiar ghost. This ghost does not care about the death of an innocent man George Floyd, the ghost does not care about police brutality or racism.

This ghost is cunning and ancient. Its name the “Specter of Communism” was given to it by Karl Marx over 100 years ago.

Under the spell of this “specter” people of Russia took to the streets with a noble cause to fight the injustice. They set up barricades, held up slogans, looted and murdered in the name of justice, they burned churches and destroyed monuments. They villainized businesses owners and believed they were helping the poor and the persecuted.   Unknowingly they helped bring a regime that under the name of justice turned them into voiceless sheep living a mediocre life in every shade of gray, void of God, mercy or freedom. They were kept in this slavery for 70 years and finally got the guts to kick out the nasty “specter”.

Thirty years later the world forgot all about it and this nightmare of a ghost quietly made its way into the United States of America.

It has hijacked every aspect of our culture and politics and has turned us into its own likeness – hateful and violent people who pretend to fight evil by committing greater evil.

The ghost of communism will not be exorcised by political measures. Poor Europe has tried for over a century and failed.

The sheep who follow wolves in sheep’s clothing are led to their own slaughter. We have another option – to follow the Good Shepherd to the life of peace and justice for all.

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Follower of Chist Wife and mother. Traveler and runner

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