The great unmasking

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To mask or not to mask – is the question of the moment. This is not a matter of opinion anymore but a legal matter, which means a choice with consequences.

It is not the first time in history a piece of cloth represents allegiance to a moral code.

Once upon a time an ambitious opposition leader overthrew the government of his country. To secure his power he needed to get rid of the top ideologists of the previous regime. But they were hiding in plain sight. He pretended to side with them and ordered a special piece of clothing for them to wear as a sign of distinction. Once they put it on, he knew exactly who they were. 

COVID-19 pandemic came in as an existential maelstrom shutting us in, separating us from one another, disguising our faces with masks while unmasking hidden agendas, malevolent rulers, and revealing essential truths about ourselves.

There are consequences to an exposed identity. The officials who disclosed their allegiance to the old regime by wearing a special piece of clothing were executed by the new king.  You can read this fascinating story in 2 Kings 10.  

The virus will eventually surrender to a cure, a vaccine or will simply fade into oblivion. The question is what will we do with the line it drew in the sand of our existence?

It is not about whether you align yourself with the masked or the unmasked, conservatives or liberals, “black lives matter” or “all lives matter”.  

The choice is between light and darkness, good and evil, God and Satan, and the consequences of this choice are eternal and irreversible.

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